Banana Head Jig Molds

"The Bucktail Jig for Stripers!"

Jim Goff
Professional Fishing Guide
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One of the most effective and consistent lures for striper fishing is the Bucktail Jig. First, let's talk about stripers schooling on the surface, sometimes referred to as "boiling". This occurs when a striper school gets below a school of baitfish and push them to the surface. Once the stripers have
the baitfish on the surface, they will tail whip and injure as many as possible. Anglers seeing this action should move to the fringe of the boil and cast bucktail jigs to the outer edges. Usually a very fast retrieve will bring jolting strikes as the jig resembles the fleeing baitfish. The second method involves vertically jigging a bucktail in areas where stripers continue to feed subsurface for up to 15 to 20 minutes after the boiling. Dropping the bucktail jig vertically to the bottom in water
as deep as 100 feet will bring many strikes, but the majority of hookups result from reeling the jig as fast as possible back to the surface. This results in a reaction strike from the subsurface feeding fish and ensures a good hook set. Line in the 12 to 20 lb line class is recommended as lighter line will simply snap due to the violent strike and the fast retrieve. You just can't beat a bucktail jig!

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