Big Mojo Bullet Nose Jig Molds

"Fishin' for the Really Big Boys?"

One of the most effective baits in the Pacific Northwest for huge halibut! Pin on a giant squid or 8"-15" mojo scampee tail, drop down to the bottom, jig up and down, and be ready to get slammed! Big halibut hit like a freight train, and it takes a trainload of effort to get them up once they're on the line. Our Big Mojo Bullet Nose Jig will handle the biggest fish out there!

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Mold Style
Cav./Ozs. Hook #34081 Insert Price
1ea. 6oz 10/0 All 49.95
1ea. 8oz 10/0 molds Out of Stock
1ea. 12oz 12/0 require Out of Stock
1ea. 16oz 12/0 BSE-3 49.95
1ea. 24oz 12/0   Out of Stock
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