Downrigger Molds

New for 2005- The Fish Downrigger Mold!!!

Newly designed & ready to go for 2005, it's Hilts Molds brand new Fish Downrigger Mold! It's 10lbs of true-tracking, fish catching downrigger with the unique fish shape! This one's a real keeper!
Check out the profiles:

"Controlled Depth Trolling"

Hilts Quality Downrigger Balls are better because when turning around structure (where the fish are), they track true with all boat maneuvers. Other downrigger weights with planing surfaces track erratically and can ruin your whole day. Spend more time fishing with Hilts Downrigger Balls.

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Mold Style
Cavities/Size Inserts Price
1 ea. 10lbs DP-12-FISH 79.95
1ea. 6lbs All molds require BSE3L & Hilts Downrigger Eyes 69.95
1ea. 8lbs 69.95
1ea. 10lbs 69.95
1ea. 12lbs 69.95
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