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 We all have our own idea of what the perfect fishing lure is- it's locked inside our head because there's no way to make it. Well, take heart my friend! Dolphin Sports has brought back an old Hilts Molds favorite, the Perfect Replica Mold! This mold uses a hollow frame with special vulcanizing rubber inserts that allow you to create your own custom mold at a very reasonable price. Now you have the ability to make that one of a kind secret weapon! The uses of the Perfect Replica Mold are limited only by your imagination- projects of amazing detail can be produced with this mold (see our craft reproduction project above of the bodies for the winged angels). PRM-Mold includes: 1 PRM Mold with handles, 2 PRM- Inserts(rubber), , 1 bag release powder (talc), 2 set screws, 1 allen wrench, locator pins, & instructions. Additional inserts are available.
Item Price
 Perfect Replica Mold, LMPRM  69.95
 Extra Silicone Rubber Mold Inserts, 1 Pair  19.99