Removable Split Shot Molds

"Quick Change"

All of the control of the regular split shot, plus the convenience of quick changing/removing. The gripper teeth hold your line without slipping, and EARs on the back of the weight can be squeezed to open the weight and take it off of your line without damage. * Always use pliers to tighten and remove split shot from your fishing line; NEVER use your teeth to pinch the split shot on your line.

To purchase your Removable Split Shot mold, click on the PayPal "Add to Cart" button below to buy online, or you can download our catalog and order either via US mail or by telephone! Note: use soft lead in these molds.

Mold Style
Cavities/Size Price
6ea. 1/64oz
6ea. 1/32oz
4ea. 1/16oz
4ea. 1/8oz
3ea. #2
3ea. #3
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